1st Post: Dove Hair Ads

So as I was browsing YouTube, I came across a video I wanted to watch. I clicked on it and an add popped up. Usually I am quick to just skip the ad, but something about this ad just had me intrigued. Usually the ads do not relate to me or anything in my life, but this was different. My younger sister has curly hair and she sometimes cannot stand having it. It drives me nuts because I wish that my hair could look like hers; filled with beautiful bouncy curls. It was an ad campaign put out by Dove to help women love their curls. Seeing as I have already chosen Dove to complete my Social Media Critique and Analysis, I figured that this would be a good start. I just love how Dove is helping young girls feel good about the bodies and the hair that they have. Their “Real Body” Campaign for adults is to show women of all shapes and sizes to love their body. Dove lets women know that they re beautiful on the outside just as they are on the inside.


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