Is Pinterest a good social media website?

Every morning that I wake up, I begin each morning with the same routine. I start off by checking my messages/phone calls, I reply to any of the texts that I might have received while I was sleeping. I then begin checking all of my social media apps to see what happened while I was sleeping. The first app that I check is Timehop and see all of my embarrassing Facebook posts from high school. I usually check my Instagram or Facebook next and then my Twitter while I’m sipping on my tea at breakfast. I basically use Twitter as my morning newspaper and see what is new in the world and all of the various events I should know about for that day. If I have a spare moment before classes start or I’m sitting at lunch, I usually find myself browsing Pinterest which I have just recently fell in love with. I love how broad it is with all of the different things you can search for. If I’m in a food mood, I will browse the food pages in the search of my next newest recipe. Sometimes I want to try new makeup trends or beauty tricks and Pinterest has at least 1000 pages just dedicated to this. Everything about Pinterest is very easy to use. You can categorize your ‘pins’ based on your ‘boards’ so it is easy for you to find that recipe for tonight dinner. Even if you’re not into makeup or food, there is still plenty to pin onto a board of your choice.



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