Shake Shack’s Social Media Game Is On Point

So as i was scrolling through my Instagram feed, I saw that someone posted a picture of what they ate for lunch. It was a picture of a burger and fries from the Shake Shack. However, this wasn’t the first picture that I’ve seen on my feed of a burger from there. I then began to wonder what made that place so special. Every time my friends go there, there’s always a line out the door. But, I’ve never seen Shake Shack advertised anywhere on television, radio, or billboards. I’ve only seen pictures of their delicious food on Instagram. According to Goldman Sachs’ report on the burger chain, that’s part of the plan for the company. They don’t do tradition marketing, but rather has a strong presence on social media. They have the most system sales on Instagram. Their food is just visually more appealing as compared to McDonald’s.


Shake Shacks Marketing- Business Insider


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