Tumblr Removing Users Accounts

Tumblr is a popular blogging site to users mainly 18 to 34. The company has been around for 8 years and has 301 employees and hosts 224 million blogs that have 92 million daily posts. Currently, the company is focusing on copyright infringement by its users. They are enforcing a “three strikes” policy and removing some users’ accounts. They are also working to block uploads of copyrighted songs. The main purpose of the blogging platform is to share audio and video.

People aren’t claiming the audio and video as their own, they’re just not siting their sources as to where they found the information. Because of this being of importance, they have implemented an audio fingerprinting technology to block copyright protected songs from being uploaded. A message will appear and show a list of 7 links to the song on Spotify, SoundCloud, or YouTube.

I feel that this is good for the website, it will make them more credible if they curb the illegal audio and video posting. The artists who make the audio or video deserve to get credit. I’m sure that someone who blogged something would not like it if someone literally copied their post and pasted onto their page. To give someone credit, you would simply re-blog the post or give them credit by mentioning their username when you post it. No one deserves to have their inline work stolen from them.

Is Tumblr Cracking Down Copyright Infringement Users- Billboard


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