There’s You, and There’s Social Media You

You are a different person in real life from your social media. Maybe your name on the Internet is that different that your actually name, perhaps a pun on words in your name? Companies will not take you seriously if you do not keep your social media game in check.

Our social media game is just as important as our interview skills these days. Its something creative professionals take into account.


“Unfriended” Begins to Make People Weary About What They Post

“Unfriended” is a film about a group of friend in an online chat room who are haunted by a supernatural presence that terrorizes them over their dead friend’s Skype account. The films whole purpose was to make people more cautious about what they post online as it stays there forever as well as focusing on bullying and suicide.

Becoming a social media expert 

Becoming a social media expert isn’t that easy, but there are 3 key steps to follow. 

  1. Build a network of trusted colleagues who can help you improve your ideas before you present them to the world 
  2. Build a audience by sharing your ideas and making them “findable” through other programs
  3. If your idea is good enough other will spread it far beyond what would have been possible for you

Facebook Knows More Than You Think

Facebook knows more that we think. Ever since we made our accounts, Facebook has accounted for every click, like, share, post, and comment. It is all housed somewhere with everyone else from the world. 

Facebook didn’t make us give all of our information but that’s just the price we pay for having a social life.

Lost Camera Mystery Solved

A couple lost their camera on a vacation in Hawaii but they got it back thanks to Internet Crowdsourcing. A woman in Hawaii found the camera and posted a photo from it on Facebook and asked everyone to share the photo to try and find the owners.

The image had been shared over 20000 times on Facebook alone and over 100000 shares on Twitter between different accounts. A week later this woman had located the camera owners and they received their camera back.